zaterdag 27 juni 2009

dinsdag 16 juni 2009


I've been tagged by , thanks!
So now I must tell you 20 useless facts about myself:

- I barely eat vegetables
- I can't fill these twenty lines
- I'm 16 years old
- I'm usually in a very bad mood in the morning
- I buy way too many clothes
- And ofcourse I have way too many of them
- Sometimes, I only wear them one time
- I don't do my exams
- I'm a little bit nervous for my new school
- I, I, I, am I a little selfish?
- I'll continue using 'I' all the time
- I looove sleeping 'til three (or later) in the afternoon on useless days
- I want a party
- I'm hungry
- I'm not pregnant
- I need money
- I'm tired
- hkjfhgm
- I was almost thinking an hour about these twenty lines
- This was the hardest thing I did today

I'm tagging !